newborn films

What can be better than actually hearing and seeing the movements and sweet sounds of a new baby interacting with their family. We are offering a new way of introducing your new baby to your family and friends with film. We will come to your home during the first couple weeks after you bring baby home and film you and your family interacting with your new addition. This is a relaxed and natural shoot, and very much just capturing a moment in time of your new family. This shoot will last about an hour and other children are encouraged to participate. You will receive a custom flash drive, as well as the completed film online so you can share with family and friends. The edited film will be 2-3 minutes in length. This film would replace traditional printed baby announcements. Please contact us for pricing and to book your session.

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Inspired by a love of photography,

digital imaging and a passion for sharing the beauty and energy of a very special

moment with video, creative films is the perfect addition to your event or special day.